Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need someone to help me use the DrainDragon?
No. The DrainDragon is a very simple, easy to use tool that allows you to clean your drains by yourself. Save money on expensive equipment or plumbers!

How do I use the DrainDragon?
The DrainDragon is a tool that allows you to turn cleaning your drains into a simple, one person operation. It is fast to set up and easy to operate. Please see the user guide below for setup and operation instructions.

What types of drains can I use the DrainDragon with?
You can use the DrainDragon on any external drains up to 100m.

What is included in the DrainDragon package?
- Electric Drill with a 13mm chuck and 3,000 RPM no load speed
- Cutter for a working diameter of 50mm of sewerage line
- Plug-In RCD Safety Switch with Surge Protector. Rating 230–240 volt 10 amp 2400 watt. Tripping current 30mA