The easiest way to clean your pipes.

The DrainDragon is a must have tool for any home. Where plungers & chemicals fail, this simple tool will allow you to unblock and clean your sewerage lines with little to no experience.
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Our customers swear by the DrainDragon

Here are some of the positive reviews left by our happy customers.
Easier than mowing the lawn. Just stand there and feed the cutter down the drain. Stop if it jams and pull it back. Keep feeding it until the drain is clear of roots.
G. Goldsmith
I didn’t realise how easy DrainDragon is to use. It took 5 minutes to setup and put away. It's a clean job also no mess to cleanup. Check out the video!
K. Black
Most drains are clear in 20 minutes tops. Easy to pack away. No Cameras or equipment. No tool changing the cutter does it all.
D. Whitehead
Port Macquarie
The cutter mulches the roots into a paste
and the water behind it washes everything
down the drain and no changing tool.
J. Green

Introducing the DrainDragon

The DrainDragon is the easiest and most cost-effective tool used to clean sewerage lines. After three years of intensive development, we have created a tool that turns a complicated situation into a one-man operation.

How the DrainDragon Works

Assemble the drill stand

A stand is driven into the ground the supports the drill and clutch assembly.

Insert the cutter

Simply insert the cutter head into the drain you are attempting to unblock.

Start the DrainDragon

As the drill is running freely, slowly feed
in water to the drain to help it unclog.

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Why choose the DrainDragon?

Australian made
Owned and operated in Australia, we aim for the highest quality of service and provide customers with reliable equipment.
Light weight unit
Many tools used to unclog sewerage lines are large, awkward and heavy. With the DrainDragon, you have everything you need in one small box.
One person operation
Sometimes you don't have the knowledge to clean a drain yourself, or the money to invest in several tools. This simple device is cost-efficient and allows you to handle the job yourself.

The face behind the invention

Howard Bruce
With a lifetime of experience in the plumbing industry, Howard set out to devise a solution that provided anyone with the ability to easily clean blockages from their sewerage lines. Why does everything need to be so complicated and expensive? Our mission is to solve simple problems with easy and cost-effective processes.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need someone to help me use the DrainDragon?
No. The DrainDragon is a very simple, easy to use tool that allows you to clean your drains by yourself. Save money on expensive equipment or plumbers !
How do I use the DrainDragon?
The DrainDragon is a tool that allows you to turn cleaning your drains into a simple, one person operation. It is fast to set up and easy to operate. Please see the user guide below for setup and operation instructions.
What types of drains can I use the DrainDragon with?
You can use the DrainDragon on any external drains up to 100m.
What is included in the DrainDragon package?
- Electric Drill with a 13mm chuck and 3,000 RPM no load speed
- Cutter for a working diameter of 50mm of sewerage line
- Plug-In RCD Safety Switch with Surge Protector. Rating 230–240 volt 10 amp 2400 watt. Tripping current 30mA

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The DrainDragon is a must have tool for any home. Where plungers & chemicals fail, this simple tool will allow you to unblock and clean your sewerage lines with little to no experience.

- Unblock your drain without calling a plumber and save on expensive plumbing costs
- The easiest and most cost-effective tool
- The best option for unblocking Sewage pipes.
- High-quality, durable and light
- Simple to use, one-man operation
- Perfect for gifts
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